TOP 5: Sky Blue Sky.

The weather is fine in Londontown! Listen to this song by Wilco and enjoy these brilliant blues!

1. Quite possibly my favourite book cover, ever.

2. Piles of sky blue pencils (From here.)

3. A portrait of my toilet. Beauty in small things, and all that.

4. A double blue sky, taken by me, near Tower Bridge.

5. Sky blue boogie time.

Right! I’m going for a walk! Enjoy your day, Londoners (and everyone else too, for that matter.)

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  1. I would never have guessed that photo to be a portrait of a toilet! Great shot! I participate in the WordPress photo a week challenge, and that would have been perfect for a couple of weeks ago, or unusual for this week! Love it!

    • thefty

       /  19/03/2012

      Thank you Anita! (At least it was a clean, shiny toilet!)


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