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TOP 5: Coffee.

Here’s a good-looking hit of caffeine to get you through your day. (I’ll take a #4 to go, please.) Enjoy!

ed hardy & splash one I1. Hot Coffee Splash in an Ed Hardy mug. By Thomas.

Coffee at high frequency2. Coffee at high frequency. Isn’t this awesome? By David Melchor Diaz.

How to make DRY CAPPUCCINO3. How to make dry cappuccino. A delicious doodle by Hyoin Min.

chocolate-coffee cupcakes with mocha ganache and mascarpone cream4. Chocolate-coffee cupcakes with mocha ganache and mascarpone cream. GIMME! By Chotda.

coffee cup cookies5. Coffee cup cookies. By DistopianDreamGirl.

TOP 5: Bed Jumping.

I’m having a very sleepy Thursday, so decided to make ‘TOP 5: Sleepy’. However, the bed-related photos that caught my eye were far more…energetic than I was anticipating. Here they are:

Siesta1. Siesta, by Jenna Kristina Nilsson.

Bed Jumping2. Aerial Roll. By Zoe J.

[108- 365] Bed jump !! [EXPLORE]

3. Shady bed jump. By Gemma Bou.

Starburst Comes In Assorted Flavours4. Starburst Comes in Assorted Flavours. By Scott Joseph.

Time to go to bed5. Time To Go To Bed. From here.

TOP 5: Unreal Planets.

When I began searching for images of planets, I wasn’t expecting this.  Aren’t they cool? I like the idea of creating a galaxy of impossible planets, made of whatever you like (in my case, a massive sandwich).


1. A concrete world. By Klaus Friese.

Zurriola espigon planet

2. A polar panoramic photo by Hans Brinker. Beautiful.

Planet Reykjavík

3. Planet Reykjavik, by Nate Bolt.

Planet Castres

4. A twisted planet, created using the Bonnemaison transform. Photo by fdecomite.

Dhonveli Lagoon Planet5. Dhonveli Lagoon Planet. By Sleepy Chinchilla.

I wouldn’t mind spending a week on planet #5 right now. SIGH.

TOP 5: Plant microscopy.

I love it when the edges are blurred between art and science. Here are five intricate images captured down the lens of a microscope.

Gingko biloba, Leafstalk, 16x1. Gingko biloba leaf stalk 16x. By Eckhard Völcker

Urtica dioica, 10x2. Rhizome of a stinging nettle 10x. By Eckhard Völcker

Onion Root Meristem3. Onion root meristem (aka the bit where growth happens) 20x.  By Blue Ridge Kitties

2009-03-08 001 0104. The beautiful cross section of a stem. By Shihchuan.

Red geranium petal cells5. Red geranium petals 400x. By Umberto Savagnin.

TOP 5: Santorini Mists.

Santorini is usually depicted as a blaze of colour. However, the beautiful Greek island has more than one face. Santorini has cool mornings, crisp shadows, and a million lungfuls of fresh sea air. Breathe in!

Untitled1. The land of red sunsets on a pale blue day. By Pilab.

Gone with the Wind2. Gone With The Wind. By Klearchos Kapoutsis.

Steps3. Shadowy summer steps. By Jose y Eva

Souvenirs...4. Small souvenirs. By Klearchos Kapoutsis.

You are welcome5. Sun baked earth/cool shadows. By Wolfgang Staudt

These photos make me homesick.

TOP 5: Strange Villains.

A funny little bunch of oddly huggable villains. Which is your favourite?

Cheezy Riders-61. Alien bug-man villain. By ToadLickr

Evil monkey from the movie about the evil monkey that smiles awkwardly2. ‘Evil monkey from the movie about the evil monkey’. By Jason Scragz

Puranodon? プラノドン-13. A masked rider villain. By ToadLickr

Evil Egghead4. An evil home-made egghead. By JD Hancock

Super Nugg and Evil Nugg5. Super Nugg and Evil Nugg:  Chicken Nugget Mushies (not sure what those are!) by Saint Angel.

TOP 5: Candy.

My sweet tooth is very, very large. However, my eye for sweets is even larger – I can’t resist the array of beautiful colours and shapes.

Pink and Peach Candy Free Creative Commons1. Pinks and peaches

Day 111/366 - Peeps2. A pastel army of Peeps.

Color Overload3. A sea of rainbow sprinkles.

Arm Candy4. Arm Candy.

10/365 January 10 - Variation on a Theme (Based on 'Lifesavers, 1930' by Ruth Bernhard)5. Lifesavers and Lifesaver shadows.

Which is your favourite kind of sweet? I can’t even decide, but I’m definitely a fan of Watermelon Chupa Chups.

TOP 5: Vintage Lettering and Stationery.

Swirls, leaves, lines and flourishes: I love the old-fashioned use of decorative touches on functional items. Aren’t these beautiful?

10210131.  An elaborate letter A.  From here.

Untitled2. A beautiful little ad. From Paper Scraps.

Ornate Texture3. An ornate texture, from PlayingWithBrushes Flickr feed.

IMG_37934. Printed initials in rich black. From here.

Torn Goodness5. A bold yet delicate border. From PlayingWithBrushes.

TOP 5: Golden Places.

Oh man, just take me to a place where the light is golden. London’s greys are fine in January, but in June they destroy me.

16-05-10 Last Of The Summer (Wine)1. ‘Last of The Summer (Wine)’. By Bethan.

siamesina2. ‘Siamesina’. By Rufus Gefangenen.

Good Morning!3. ‘Good Morning’. By Frank Wuestefeld.

Lake Point Tower Chicago4. ‘Lake Point Tower Chicago’. By Reto Fetz.

Bagan Balloons ~ Myanmar (Burma)5. ‘Bagan Balloons’. By Martin Sojka.

I hope you’re all some place warm and bright.

TOP 5: Brownies.

There are many kinds of brownie, all of them sweet:

Twins (part 1)1. Twin sisters with Brownies sweaters. By Naomi Campbell

Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes2. Oreo and peanut butter brownie cakes, by Tirzah.

Coca-Cola Brownie Starflash3. Coca-Cola Brownie Starflash Camera. By John Kratz.

A Dictionary of Fairies4. ‘Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies and other supernatural creatures.’ Photo by John Keogh. 

Brownie5.  Brownie Baking by Hyoin Min.

TOP 5: Yellow and Fuchsia.

I found these images by using Multicolor Search Lab. Have you ever used it? If you like playing with colours, you’re in for a proper treat.

Bright Yellow Flowers in Pink Bursts 12.11. Bright yellow flowers in punk bursts, by Crystal A Murray.

mythologie.ch2. ‘’ by _underscore


3. Created using GlitchMonkey, by Juan Antonio Zamarripa

Rust-O-Vision4. Rust-O-Vision by Tim.

Torn5. Torn, but alive. By Aftab Uzzaman.

TOP 5: Bling Jubilee Court.

On Sunday, I volunteered at the Alternative Village Fete at Battersea Park, organised by Home Live Art.

Together with artists Harold Offeh and Barby Asante, the team of volunteer make-up artists, stylists and photographers created the Bling Jubilee Court. We dressed the public up as ‘Queens of the COMMON-wealth’, then led to a stage and photographed before an adoring crowd (photos over here). Here are 5 of my favourite shots from the day!

1. Our boudoircontained about 50 wigs, a tonne of make-up, a pile of stick-on mustaches,  and 2 long rails of dress up clothes. Naturally, we tried it all on.

2. Two of our dress-up queens. Disco Queens, to be precise.

3. A rainbow of eyeshadow.

4. A gorgeous drag queen popped in to say hello.

5. Harold getting his make-up done.

You can see the full set of my photos over on  my Facebook page.

Oh, and I promise this is my last Jubilee-related post!

TOP 5: A Royal Tea Party.

I love tea parties. I do. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is just an extra excuse to throw one, as far as I’m concerned. If you’re not convinced, hopefully these images will twist your arm:

1. These teacup and teapot rings can be bought separately, but they clearly belong together. By JodiaAnna.

2. This is a seriously elaborate set of paper cake toppers! I love it. By 3 Blonde Bears.

3. This photo was taken by me, peering into one of the window displays at Harrods. I wanted to jump right in.

4. If you’re up for a slightly subversive Jubilee weekend, you can by a Queen jelly mould, some royal temporary tattoos…and also some sick bags, in case things get out of hand. All by Lydia Leith.

5. A set of teabags from The Cake Nest. The queen’s in very good (if occasionally fictional) company!

Have a lovely Jubilee weekend, wherever you are!

TOP 5: Teal + Flame Red

Hot v. Cold / Fire v. Water

I swear, colour is my favourite thing.

IMG_6814.JPG1. By Ned Raggett

Sat09Oct2004Food East Van Farmers' Market - Last day - 32. By Roland Tanglao

San Diego3. By Karla Lopez

letter W4. By Leo Reynolds

ber0975. By Andrey Okonetchnikov

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