TOP 5: Greek cuisine.

It’s late at night on a Monday morning, and I’m feeling homesick. Here is the result.

1. Vinegar marinated octopus served with caper buds and black olives.2. Taverna dessert: Creamy yoghurt with a dollop of quince preserve.

3. Fat, fresh tomatoes that smell like real tomatoes.

4. A typical taverna spread. (Yes, we eat chips.)

5. Perfectly seasoned kebab meat on a thick, warm pita.

p.s. Have you heard about the COLLECTIVE 5 project? It’s a weekly feature involving photos submitted by readers. Please join in! Details are here.

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  1. YUM

  2. Fredrika

     /  05/10/2010

    You made my appetite grow, and you made me think of my greek familydinners. I have to make some this week. Thanks for inspiration.

    /fredrika, sweden.

  3. good preparation of greek food

  4. Very nice! I just did a recent post of world foods.

  5. pasang gratis

     /  06/05/2011

    Yummi, delicious …….

  6. Wow … The first dish is quite impressive!

  7. Those images do more than any tourist office campaign! I want…

    • thefty

       /  16/06/2011

      Thank you! I get hungry every time I look at this post, you have no idea how hungry…


  9. Tim Meiers

     /  04/11/2011

    Hey there :-)

    The pictures are great! The fat, fresh tomatos are my favorites. I did some foodstyling myself with italian food >>

  10. Yum! Makes me hungry!

  11. Reblogged this on Mario Taormina and commented:
    Fresh and Healthy

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