TOP 5: Cameras.

My camera is definitely one of the TOP 5 Objects I’d Grab From My Burning Home. It goes everywhere with me, to the point that I won’t buy any handbag that won’t fit my camera (what’s the point of going anywhere if I can’t record it? If I don’t record it, I won’t remember it.).

1. I love the idea of a camera oozing colour. Image from Crestock.

2. Lauren Doughty makes some extremely badass illustrations.

3. The Holga CMYK is pretty good looking.

4. These dressed-up Dianas are very cute. I’d go for the one with bunny ears, of course.

5. Most things look better when disguised as cake, no? From here.

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  1. Love carrying my camera with me too!!! When I saw this post, I couldn’t help but share – a photo shoot of some vintage cameras from when I did a photo challenge by the alphabet – K is for Kodak!


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