TOP 5: Sandwiched.

According to the BBC, a toast sandwich is the UK’s cheapest meal. Apparently, it can taste pretty good if it is well-seasoned and well-buttered…but if you’re already seasoning and buttering, you may as well add a slab of avocado and a nice bit of ham. Don’t you think? I do.

1. Each to their own. From here.

2. Halfway through my glorious salt beef beigel. (Photo from my Flickr.)

3. A Unicorn Sandwich: Delicious and magical. Illustration by Kathryn Macnaughton

4. Oh my. I haven’t had a jam sandwich in years, and now I’m very ready for one. (I’ve got three pots of my mum’s home-made jam in the fridge, and now I know what’s for lunch.)

5. I didn’t know Jude worked at Subway. Huh. From here.

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  1. Lizl Pretorius

     /  14/02/2012

    I love that you’re living life to the fullest. Can’t wait to show my 8 yr. old son your art, who loves drawing pen pictures full of detail. I found your site, on wordpress themes:”matala” ,because i’m starting a blog and stayed put… just gawking!!!
    One question, do you simply take a photo of your art etc., download and voila?
    Awesomed from Africa,

    • thefty

       /  14/02/2012

      Thank you so much Lizl! Not all of the photos were taken by me (they used to be until I changed my blog format last month). Check out the ‘About’ section for more.

      Good luck for your new blog!


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