TOP 5: St. Patrick’s Day.

I spent this morning searching for St. Patrick’s day images. I found a whole bunch of intensely baffling things, including be-spectacled asses and a lot of mouldy-looking cupcakes (I disapprove of the latter, but I’m all for dressed-up donkeys).

 3. Let’s start with this one, because nothing screams ‘Ireland’ more than a Zombie Shamrock.

2. Fair enough. (Buy this pillow here!)

3. I quite like this set of 10 pom poms, and I love that the colour theme is ‘envy’.

4. These ‘Green Velvet’ Whoopie Pies are surprisingly enticing.

Day 076/365 - Shake it like a Shamrock5. I’m intrigued by the concept of a ‘Shamrock Shake’. Does this exist in the UK? (Thanks to Tony Case for the photo)

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and tomorrow is celebrated in his honour.

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