COLLECTIVE 5: In the kitchen.

Hello! COLLECTIVE 5 is a weekly project involving readers’ photos. Anyone can join in! The rules, as well as next week’s COLLECTIVE 5 theme, can be found over here.

Here are this week’s photos:

1. The Magic Bowl. By Abi Lucy.

2. Load of Balls. By Katy Barnard.

3. In the French Château. By Eva Butkovicova.

4. An Unnatural Coloured Baking Picture. By Claire Harrop.

5. A Greek Man’s View of the Kitchen. By Nikos Zarb.

Click here if you’d like to join in next week! Come on, don’t be scared!

TOP 5: In the kitchen.

My kitchen heroes? Aran, Deb, and my mama (of course).

1. Floury measuring cups, maybe while making these.

3. A toaster, for making all 330.

3. A rainbow of veggies and a pin-up tablecloth (which sadly is not mine).

2. A Pinocchio funnel! Possibly the cutest thing ever spotted in a kitchen.

3. This is me in my bitchin’ baking uniform. My mother bought me the apron.

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